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Amazon Toronto

We have only recently opened our doors to the first flock of Toronto engineers at the new Development Center and the place is already buzzing with activity. Why Toronto, you ask? The truth is that we've been dying to come here for years. And now that we're finally here, we're here to stay!

We've picked Toronto because this city has an incredible depth of talent and vision. World leading products and services have been developed in Toronto by the hands of local Software Engineers. Stuff that runs aeroplanes, mobile networks, banks, and so much more. Local universities produce ground-breaking research in the fields of Computer Science and Computer Engineering and turn out thousands of world-class graduates every year.

We believe that there are many people living here who understand building software, issues of scale, and the importance of customer experience, people who are not afraid of technical complexity and are committed to finding the right answers. These are exactly the people that we want working for us!

If you want to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry, have your brain be constantly challenged with hard computational problems and join a culture that values innovation, simplicity, frugality, and customer service, check out the Amazon Toronto Jobs page to see our current openings. If there is nothing currently posted that interests you, be sure to check back often as we are planning to grow quickly.

The opportunity is yours to help us write our success story here in Toronto!